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Happy Ukraine Independence day | article | speech | 2018

independence day of ukraine images
independence day of ukraine images

Independence Day in Ukraine is celebrated every August 24th to remember the day in 1991, when the Ukrainian parliament declared the country independent of the Soviet Union. In 2018, holidays go on Friday.

Today, Independence Day is celebrated in Ukraine in a great way all over the world. It is one day to remember the heroes of the past of Ukraine and to honor those who fought and died to ensure their long-lasting independence.

Although the Ukrainians always had their own language and culture, they rarely had their own independent nation-state. For centuries, Russia, Poland, Turkey and other foreign nations dominated.

independence day in ukraine

In the early 1800s, present-day Ukraine was mostly under the control of the Russian Empire, although some of its most western parts were controlled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the First World War and during the Russian Civil War that followed immediately, the Ukrainians tried to escape the control of Russia. Until 1922, however, Poland controls a large part of western Ukraine, while the Soviet Union controls the rest.

During the reign of Joseph Stalin, millions of rural Ukrainians were starving to resist the take-over of farms from the state. This further encouraged the Ukrainians to push for independence. Then, during the Second World War, some Ukrainians stood up and fought against the two Russian and German forces that occupied their land. Even after the war, some resistance continued until 1950.

As the Soviet Union began to weaken in the 1980s, the Ukrainians reopened the opportunity to try for independence. On July 16, 1990, parliament declared independence. That is why the first celebrations of Independence Day were held on July 16th. After a coup that tried to restore tough communist control in Moscow, parliament again declared its independence on August 24, 1991. The ruling was then ratified by the peoples at a referendum in December that year, in which 90 per cent voted in favor independence.

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